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National A-1 has been in business for Eighteen good years now. They own and occupy a 40,000 square foot office building in Center City, and employs over 370 people.

The National A-1 client roster includes movie studios, television advertisers, and others who place ads in various media and want National to handle our calls. This arrangement is similar to an Internet affiliate program.

On the Internet, this company owns a variety of sites. Some of these are,,,, and their most popular and famous

They are the largest provider of Audiotext services in the USA. Using Audiotext, National A-1 offers voice personals, virtual chat, and live one on one phone conversation with paid professionals. National’s main Audiotext service is virtual chat. Men pay from .45-.69 a minute to connect with women who call free. Our advertising appears in over 200 publications of all types. National A-1 is also a major service bureau for many companies who utilize National’s Audiotext services’ credit card processing capabilities.

After several years of operating traditional, membership-style websites (including,,, and many others) in December 2002, National A-1 decided it was time to offer a new billing model to Internet Users. By then, it had become clear that the primary payment method, which relies on monthly billing, cross sales, spam and other nefarious tactics was clearly losing steam. Conversion and retention rates continued to fall proving that customers want to pay as they go. Knowing this, The company chose to leave the traditional website billing model behind and kept this model for only a few of its sites. It then took many of its premium domains and pointed them to Affiliate Programs and pay-per-click search engines.

Simultaneously, National launched our most successful Internet site, At the time, there was only one large competitor in the field. National strongly believed there was room for another company to embrace the Video-On-Demand, Pay-Per-Minute, and the soon-to-come, Pay-As-You-Go billing models. National also felt it could do a better job than its competitors.

From the start, National’s goal was to create quality websites to which customers wanted to return over and over again. National A-1 also wanted their customers to know immediately that what they get is a good product at a low price point. was just the key they needed! It lets people come and go as they please and gives them what they want: A chance to "watch what they want, when they want to watch it - or get in, get off then get out!!" now offers over 100,000 movies from over 924 of the top adult studios - with new releases daily - featuring the hottest adult pornstars! is a non-membership site with no monthly fees ever. You will never be billed without you paying first and any unused minutes are banked and saved for later.

Stan Gibell, National A-1 Content Administrator points out... “People can watch our movies at any time from any location for as little as .08 cents per minute (US.) Customers simply choose a time package and receive the number of minutes they want so they can watch all or parts of over 100,000 xxx movies from the privacy of their own home at any time. Gibell continues, “Recently we added,, and to the mix of sites that use these crowd-pleasing billing models. Looking further down the road, Gibell expects Microsoft to soon introduce the Media Player. The Media Player will let customers connect their computer to their TV sets. “In five to ten years, declares Gibell, “The majority of people will no longer buy or rent DVDs as they do today. They will click on specific content residing on their computer and it will play on their television sets.”


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