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You can watch the adult videos full screen on your TV by connecting it to your computer. Getting started just takes a few steps. There are several ways to connect your computer to your TV and several types of connections you can look for. Look at the back of your computer and TV, then choose the type of connection you would like to use below.

New computers usually come with S-Video connections. If you have a TV with S-Video then this is an easy and convenient way to connect your computer to your TV. Simply take a S-Video cable and connect one end to your PC and the other end to your TV. Some TV's have an external port or input for these types of connections. If your TV has one then we recommend using it. This could be in the front of your TV (some models).



What You Need:
1) S-Video Cable

2) Miniplug-To-RCA Stereo Audio Cable


-OR: Miniplug-To-RCA Stereo Adapter + RCA cables



How To Connect:
Connect one end of the S-video cable to the video output on your computer and the other end to the video input on your TV. This will take care of the video part.

Plug the single connector end of the audio cable to the line-out or speaker-out connector on your computer. Plug the 2 RCA connectors on the other end of the audio cable into the audio input on your TV (color-coded red and white for left and right audio channels).

NOTE: If your TV has multiple video modes you might need to select the video mode that the cable is plugged into. Read the instruction manual that came with your TV to do this. 2011 All Rights Reserved