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You are here because you probably know or heard about HotMovies.com and are curious about who they are, what they offer or what the difference is between pay-per-minute, pay-per-view, video on demand or streaming is and how each works. Well that is why this site exists...to answer your questions, educate you about the ever expanding and growing adult porn industry that is really going towards the pay-per-view format. Please feel free to browse this site and get a feel of what Hotmovies has in store for you.

My name is John Edwards, no not the physic but a long time fan of porn...recently internet porn! I have been surfing internet porn for so long now I know what is out there and what is worth spending your money on and what is not. My friends call me the "Porny Guy"...my family calls me nuts and my girl...well...you don't want to know what she calls me : ) Anyway, I recently started publishing websites for part-time income now I do it for fun and a hobby. Since I love porn and I am semi-talented at designing websites...I decided to make this one. Why? For viewers like myself, who want good ass-kicking, hard to find raw internet porn without all the same shit and hassle! So after surfing and browsing the net for several years, I finally stumbled upon HotMovies.com and have been hooked ever since. Almost three years I have been streaming their movies without a problem and they have such a huge selection of movies to choose from (some short and some full length adult movies) you'll never be without a movie to watch. Trust me...they have more movies in their library than anyone will ever watch in their lifetime! It doesn't matter what your taste is in porn (BBW, ebony, fetish, smoking, or gay) they have ALL categories available to choose and watch what you want.

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What is This Company?
Owned by National A-1 Internet, HotMovies.com is a growing website with over 175,000 adult streaming movies from the top adult studios featuring the hottest Pornstars. They release new movies daily so you will never miss any of the latest films by your favorite studios and stars. They are a non-membership site with no monthly fees so you don't have to feel obligated to watch movies when you don't want to. They believe in pay-as-you-go or pay by the minute for your convenience. This way you can watch what you want when you want at a click. Any unused minutes can be used to view another movie or clip next or when you sign-in later. It really works great when you just want to briefly watch a porn flick. Get in, get off then get out!

How Does It Work?
You simply register free and get your FREE minutes to try...then choose a "minute" package that is convenient for you...select any of the 175,000+ movies available from over 80 categories then sit back and watch your favorite movie in the privacy of your own home!

What Are The Benefits of Hotmovies vs. Other Adult Sites?
HotMovies.com has really grown tremendously since the started in 2003. Why? It is simple...no membership (like you find at other sites) and no monthly fees to pay! You can watch any movies you wish at anytime from anywhere. You only watch what you want - no other fees to go somewhere else of no interest. You will not see any pop-ups, get spammed and your email address is safe and not sold to a third party ever! And they provide full customer support should you need any help or assistance anytime.
  The Review
This must be the golden age of "porn". Where ever you look whether it be the local cafe or book store, late night premium channels, someone's bathroom reading and now the Internet...you will see something relating to the adult industry. It's everywhere and if you're not looking it will smack you up-side the head...so heed our warning...be prepared and ready for it, cause it's coming.

What am I talking about? HotMovies.com. The leader in pay-per-view adult streaming movies. Check it out, you can go to a computer or log in from a laptop, visit this site then watch any of the 175,000+ XXX movies immediately! Heck...you can even hook this up to your TV or Big screen and have lots of fun in your living room (make sure the kids are in bed). You will have access to 1000's of hardcore movies from any niche possible such as Amateur, Anal, Asian, BBW, Bondage or Fetish, Ebony, Gay, Gonzo, Lesbian, Latina, Pornstar, Tranny...and the list goes on. One thing I really liked was the "DVD Quality" streaming movies that Hotmovies puts out. Most other sites I have streamed will be cutting in and out and often will just stop playing in the middle of a movie. You will notice excellent graphics and hassle-free viewing. Price? Well get yourself a 620 minute package and you'll only pay $.08 a minute! Try getting that kind of value from a rented DVD that you'll end up paying late charges for. The best part is you can stop, pause, return or leave and come back later...without losing any minutes. Your minutes are banked for later use and are yours forever. When used up - you simply buy more minutes. Yea...if you're looking for a quick 5 - 10 minute jerk off session and don't want to be taken to the cleaners then Hotmovies is perfect for you.

Hotmovies is here and will stay...I guarantee it. They are big now and will continue to grow, not only by new customers but from existing loyal customers like myself and 1000's of others! With so many Hi-Res movies, top-rated studios and the hottest pornstars, it is difficult to turn away. I mean where else can you "Get In...Get Off...then Get Out" for pennies?

10 Minutes FREE [Email verification]
20 Minutes FREE
[Credit Card verification]

60 Minutes FREE
[w/purchase of 250 mins.]

...your choice!


* As low as $.08 per minute
* No ongoing fees or monthly billing plan

* NEW movies added daily

* Unused minutes are banked for later use
* No spam or pop-ups
* Most XXX movies anywhere online
* Download - Rent - Stream - Pay as you go

Actual Testimonies of Customers

I just want to say that my favorite genre is the unedited video. I like the selections that you currently have, and I would love if you added more on a regular basis. But overall, I really enjoy your site. It's great.

I consider the site as really well put together, and well run, and a definite help with my long business trips.

Great to see some more Vulcan Amateurs back after a long gap. Keep them coming! They are the best thing on the site.

I have looked at many other adult VOD sites but no other one compares to Hotmovies. This really is the KING of porn. You guys have the most movies and they are hi-res and very smooth streaming. Hotmovies is the BOMB! Been to the other sites, and I now hooked on this site! Hotmovies is mine forever. : )

Your videos are awesome and I very much like the Female Domination and Anal intercourse. The very tall, beautiful and sexy Blondes literally take my breath away as they pin me down, tie me up and take my orgasm by stroking my cock, making me come at their pace, feeding me my come as they tease and seduce me into submitting to them totally. Keep up the hot stuff!

Hotmovies is the best site the picture quality is fantastic espe from medium to mega streaming on ultra streaming the picture is as clear as a diamond fantastic and with around 160000 titles thats gigantic with the best studios vivid elegant jules jordon club jenna to name a few hotmovies is the very best you can get a better selection and quality than any other adult site hotmovies i would say is number 1. Your site is the greatest site I've ever used. I had downloading problems a couple days ago, but I found out that it was my satellite not picking up a strong signal. You folks have the best movie selection I have ever seen. I am finding movies that I could not find from any other website. The biggest thing I hated about using other websites is this. If I would go on vacation for a month I would have to pay for something that I wasn't able to use. With your site I can come back after a month and pick up on my minutes where I left off. This is a perfect website for me. I wish I would have found this site along time ago. I've wasted a lot of money on other websites. I will be telling all my friends about this website.
Very happy customer
The best and most updated VOD adult site. This is a very nice web site, it fits my purpose, jack off and the leave ! U guys rock!
Nectar Entertainment
I would like to say thx, and what a great site you have, it is fantastic. I have a little request for you, if it is possible!! I would like to see more male midgets, fxxxg beautiful girls,, this would be great, and also "Lil Pimp hand to, I know you have a big selection already, but more updates of this would keep me forever:-)
many thx

Hotmovies is the best adult site with a massive selection over 150000 titles that is enormous and i get crystal clear picture quality on my laptop ive brought my first 5 new titles of 2011 including jules jordans weapons of ass destruction 4 and 5 to name a few im super impressed with hotmovies im buying my next five titles in march 5 each month.

Thanks once more.
BTW - We have been extremely pleased with the response we have gotten at HotMovies.com, and with the level of revenue you have provided for us, and we are very grateful. THANK YOU!
Great site, with constant updates. I like the layout, scene selection, various viewing options, and categorized titles. Great video on demand site guys...keep it up. I love the site, nothing that I would add, its great the way it is.. "Al"
I watch Hotmovies every day! YES, I am a porn addict and proud of it.

You guys are fucking amazing. The new screenshot feature is the cat's pajamas. HotMovies is the Taj Mahal of cooz.

Hey, AWESOME service, good performance - keep up the excellent work!
No improvements needed looking thru my 20/20 eye vision. Keep up the gr8 work I have done quite a few searches for VOD sites, and the rest (I have found) appear to be frozen pieces of dog shit waiting to be thawed.... (that means I have tried them.... they don't stink when you see them in the ad, but buy in and they warm up.... dog shit supreme) You guys fuckin' kill me. I wish I had your job. Fuckers. Keep kickin' ass, fuckers. Great content! I have been with (another site) for a long time but got frustrated by the lack of updates. I am glad to have stumbled upon HotMovies.com. Keep up the great work!
I liked Hot Movies the most. I found what I wanted and am able to play the streaming xxx whenever I wanted. The site is also impressive. Customer service is 1st rate too. Thanks for putting up this site...it has been a great help. - Mitch HotMovies.com is the hottest site I could find for pay per minute viewing. Their rates are very low and I have been looking for a while now. I first bought the $30 package which got me plenty minutes of pure fun for me and my wife. We have since then been back for more action. I am a customer for life. Hope you publish this review so other can read it. Thumbs Up! - Porny Guy! Orlando, FL

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Why Do We Have This Website?
Well, my wife and I are not only affiliates of HotMovies.com but we are also loyal customers. We have been looking for a few years to find a really good porn site and we did. We just love the many advantages of video-on-demand vs. monthly membership. We were definitely hooked from the beginning and will always be customers of Hotmovies. Because we really enjoyed Hotmovies and the features they provide, we decided to design a "Hotmovies" review website to inform and educate others on the benefits of VOD and to share what others think about them.

This is the era of Adult VOD : )   Thanks for visiting our site...

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